For our 2024/25 Actors Intensive: Working With Directors Program

This advanced program was launched to provide actors who have foundational training with an intensive experience. Working with directors, this program provides actors with a unique way to hone their craft while gaining valuable experience and building their resume as they prepare to launch into a professional career.

Unique to North America, this program complements VAD Arts’ Acting for Film & TV Diploma program. Actors who have completed that diploma or have an equivalent amount of training (800+ hours) are eligible to apply.


Working with a Film Director

Working with a TV Director

Working with a Casting Director

Systems of Rehearsal – An in-depth look at rehearsal techniques including three different directing styles

Page to Stage – From advanced script analysis to making spontaneous choices

Devised Theatre – Performance originates from collaborative, improvisatory work by mixed ensemble

Acting for Camera Advanced – The Complete Performer

Improvisation – Advance and Expand

Meisner Approach Advanced – Emotional Freedom

Fight Choreography – Making The Audience Wince

Career Foundations – Advanced Audition Technique

Working on a Film – The Camera As Your Friend

Lecture Series:

  • Film History
  • TV History
  • Theatre History
  • Case Study: Rom-coms
  • Case Study: Heroes Villains

Want to get started or simply find out more?

Graduates of this program are eligible for an educational credit with BC’s actor union, UBCP/ACTRA, towards their membership.

For info on the membership click here

and for info on qualifying credits click here

In 2021 VAD Arts was ranked one of the top 20 acting conservatories in Canada! Here’s a link to our article.


September, 2023 – March 24, 2024


 Domestic Tuition: $10,200 CDN .

+Other: $350 CDN

Total: $10,550 CDN

International Tuition: $12,200 CDN

+Other: $350 CDN

Total: $12,550 CDN

The Academy is StudentAid BC Designated.

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In order to pay your tuition, it is common for students to apply for a student loan, part of which may be non-repayable (i.e., a grant or scholarship). 

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can qualify for student loans under the National Student Loan program. Each province administers student loans. Information for StudentAidBC can be found via this link including your eligibility, and how much funding you can qualify for.  If you have questions on StudentAidBC, please contact them directly.

Financial calculator:

Most banks and credit unions have a student line of credit program. The amounts vary (e.g., $2,500 to $10,000) and typically you will need a co-signer to qualify, if you’re not working.  Student line of credit applications are separate from student loan applications. It is possible to have both a student loan and bank student line of credit. Please inquire with your financial institution.