For our 2023/24 Actors Intensive: Working With Directors Program

This advanced program was launched to provide actors who have foundational training with an intensive experience. Working with directors, this program provides actors with a unique way to hone their craft while gaining valuable experience and building their resume as they prepare to launch into a professional career.

Unique to North America, this program complements VAD Arts’ Acting for Film & TV Diploma program. Actors who have completed that diploma or have an equivalent amount of training (800+ hours) are eligible to apply.


Working with a Film Director

Working with a TV Director

Working with a Casting Director

Systems of Rehearsal – An in-depth look at rehearsal techniques including three different directing styles

Page to Stage – From advanced script analysis to making spontaneous choices

Devised Theatre – Performance originates from collaborative, improvisatory work by mixed ensemble

Acting for Camera Advanced – The Complete Performer

Improvisation – Advance and Expand

Meisner Approach Advanced – Emotional Freedom

Fight Choreography – Making The Audience Wince

Career Foundations – Advanced Audition Technique

Working on a Film – The Camera As Your Friend

Lecture Series:

  • Film History
  • TV History
  • Theatre History
  • Case Study: Rom-coms
  • Case Study: Heroes Villains

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September, 2023 – March 24, 2024


 Domestic Tuition: $10,000 CDN .

+Other: $350 CDN

Total: $10,350 CDN

International Tuition: $12,000 CDN

+Other: $350 CDN

Total: $12,350 CDN

The Academy is StudentAid BC Designated.

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