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Kara Flanagan

Kara Flanagan is one of the founders of the Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts. As an Administrator, she works on new program and business development for the school. She also developed a student financing package to assist students in financing their tuition, working with five banks and a credit union to provide additional options for full time students.

In finance, Kara has worked for Canada’s central bank, the Bank of Canada, as well as one of Canada’s largest asset management firms. Kara has co-managed several billion dollars in client accounts and portfolios of traditional and alternative assets. Working in financial risk management, she performed analysis of a $50 billion account.

Kara has a Master of Arts Degree in Economics with a specialization in alternative finance and was recognized as one of the top 50 alumni as part of the University of Victoria’s 50th anniversary celebration. Kara is currently pursuing a PhD in Education Studies at the University of Victoria. She has served as a director on several boards including the United Way of Greater Victoria and the Victoria Independent Film Professionals Association.

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